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Mluwati Concession

A warm hello from the guides on the Mluwati concession in the world renowned Kruger National park, a place we have the privilege to live in and show our guests all the amazing sightings we get to find. It has being another awesome month here on the concession, after some good tracking skills we discovered one of our Hamiltons Lionesses has had four new cubs which remain very elusive as she moves the den site for their protection, but once they get a little older iam sure she will bring them out for all to see. We have had a little soft soaking rains and are hoping for more.


So as I said above the one Hamiltons female has new cubs and we wait in anticipation to see them some more. Our resident males have been seen regularly all over the concession and we found them on a fresh Buffalo kill one afternoon which was an amazing sight for all the guests as well as the hilarious interaction between one of the males and the Vultures as he kept them at bay constantly getting up and charging at them. The last couple of weeks we have not seen our Lionesses with the seven cubs and the last sighting they seemed to be afraid of the vehicles. So we decided to make any sighting of them a one vehicle sighting as this puts less pressure on them and it will lead to them becoming relaxed around the vehicles again. They however had other plans and remained elusive. We did manage to find them twice and it seems our efforts are working as once again they are becoming relaxed and the guest are reaping the rewards with some fantastic sightings.


Leopard sightings have being very good once again we think due to the drought and limited water and the concentration of game we have had wonderful Leopard sightings all over the concession. As we said last month the young male around the Hamiltons area is being spotted on a regular basis and was seen three time on kills with his Mother. Even though he is getting older he still needs to fine tune those hunting instinct to be able to look after himself properly. It remains to be seen for how long our dominant male in the area will tolerate him hanging around even if it his own offspring. We also had sightings of another huge male which we call Ghost as he is seldom seen on drive but makes regular appearances at the Imbali waterhole.


This month was again a super month for all things furry as we had regular sightings of these masters of speed, I say regular as far as Cheetah go sometimes we will go for weeks without seeing any. The young male around the Hoyo area was spotted twice and still has a bit of a nervous disposition towards the vehicles but some days he is more relaxed. The two males gave some of our guests their most remarkable sundowner stop as they came strolling across the open plains in the middle of the Gin and Tonics looking for some potential prey and our female was spotted around the front of Imbali early one morning.