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On those cool morning safaris, you won’t find a safari guide warmer and friendlier than Victor. Navigating the sand roads of the Kruger National Park with skill, he will chat to you about wildlife in his signature thoughtful style. “Kruger is one of those gold places,” he says, “because it has that quality”. Anyone who has been to the Kruger National Park will understand what he means by this — incredible wildlife, vast open spaces and that indescribable quality that you can only experience when you are there.  

Victor is one of Imbali Safari Lodge’s guides. His favourite safaris are those in the early morning when the predators and big mammals like buffalo are active. He has an impressive knowledge of wildlife and his experience shines through when he shares it with you.  

One of the highlights of his time working at the Kruger National Park came on an afternoon safari when he witnessed a family of dwarf mongoose kill a cobra: “They can kill a snake, but not to eat it, just to kill it, because the snake, for them, is a big enemy”. He humorously refers to the termite hills that dwarf mongoose inhabit as “timeshare”, explaining how the dwarf mongoose moves into the insect mounds and eats insects and fruit. Another one of his best safari experiences was a sighting of a beautiful leopard trying, but failing, to catch a young impala. 

Victor is kind and fun. He has an engaging way of talking about wildlife that will have you hooked and in awe of the natural world that is the Kruger National Park. We want to thank him for his dedication and for being such a wonderful asset to the team. He provides memorable safari experiences for guests, making their stay at Imbali Safari Lodge richer.