• “Experience of a lifetime” – guest Andries
  • “A most pleasurable experience, awesome sights, excellent staff” – guests Erasmus
  • “Lovely experience! Will recommend to others!” – guests Wentzel
  • “Staff were very friendly and accommodating.  Food was perfect, great choices and taste.  Twice was an excellent guide, I would want him as my guide again in the future.  Would definitely come back and recommend to friends” – guests Burge


Thank you does not convey enough, the debt of appreciation we owe you all for making our wedding day and our entire stay at Imbali as special and memorable as it was. The effort that all of you put in, was truly beyond expectation. You have all become instant family and we look forward to returning for our first anniversary.

Mike and Toppie


What a delight to visit a place where people are treated as honoured quests and not as an inconvenience. We had the most extra-ordinary time at Imbali. The sightings, the staff, the food, the feeling of being welcome and the setting of the lodge were just unforgettable. For making my birthday so special and for a lovely 2 days – thank you Imbali – word of mouth will spread far and wide from us.



“Excellent Game drives and hospitality”

My husband and I stayed at Imbali in April for 3 nights. We loved our guide, Andrew who was introduced to us during dinner time on our first night. He is amazingly knowledgeable and a friendly guy. We had 2 early morning game drives where we spotted leopard (one in a tree, another catching fish near the river area), lioness and cubs (3 lioness and 8 cubs), hyena, wild dogs, rhino, elephant herds and many other animals. The best part was on one of the evening safaris on the drive back to the lodge, Andrew was smart and patient enough to spot a leopard crossing right in front of the road, and 2 wild buffalo.. he stopped right there when he spotted 3 lions nearby. It was amazing to watch the 3 lions attack the buffalo in pitch dark where we could hear the roar about 5 meters beside the scene. The lions walked right around our vehicle as they re-planned their strategic attack and walked towards the 8 cubs which were lying just few meters away from the scene. I guess we felt the luckiest here to get Andrew as our guide.

The staff is extremely friendly. There were no mosquitoes during our stay, and the room was serviced twice a day, during our safari drives.  They had an amazing barbecue (lamb, kudu, chicken) and candle lit dinner arrangements for everyone outside.  We were surprised with African music and dance by the chef and staff.

IMBALI made our Kruger visit memorable. Both stay and safari is an unforgettable experience. If you are looking for great game drives and a comfortable stay with good food, we would highly recommend them. Thanks to the team.

WjWrld from Canada


25 June 2013

Dear All…

Thank you for our wonderful weekend…

We knew Imbali had to be a good property because it is sooo easy for us to sell but now we know for a fact.

It is fresh, clean and personal. Staff are super friendly and efficient. Food was very good and the attention to detail fantastic!

Thank you, Thank you and Thank you again for the opportunity!!!

Jenny, Denys and the rest of the Da Luz Family!!


Karen and Rob Bradbery (Melbourne Australia)  13-17 April.

Had a wonderful time and great memories of  our time there.

We were transferred to the front gate by your guide/transfer man Stef on the morning of 17 April.

It was just at sunrise time.  Soon after leaving the compound we encountered a Serval on the road in front of us. We followed the Serval for about 10 minutes.   Stef was impressed as he said they were a rare sighting.

After leaving the Serval we also encountered two lions in the middle of the road just before the front gate.  It was a great sight but after 20 minutes there we were beginning to get worried because of the flight arrangements we had.

But after holding up traffic the lioness finally rose and left and the male followed. (As we all do!!)

What a great final memory of Imbali that was.


Rob & Karen Bradbery


We had a great experience and would love to come back. Well done! Luke was great.

Mr Rademeyer – January 2013

We truly had a wonderful experience at Imbali in particular. The staff were absolutely fantastic! Amazing food. Nothing to complain about except the rain.

Ms Dobson – January 2013

Special appreciation to the chef, the food was just brilliant & the entire staff was excellent. Hope to come again.

Mr Vaswani – December 2012

Overall fantastic experience, we could not have chosen better. Staff & service excellent. Thank-you to Twice he was great.

Mrs Lancen – December 2012

We had such a wonderful stay at Imbali!  What a spoil!  The service was warm and absolutely impeccable, the food delicious, and the ambiance and décor simply luxurious!

We so enjoyed our game drives with the hugely knowledgeable guide and came away with many interesting snippets of information and wonderful memories of special game and bird sightings.

I feel hugely lucky to have won this fabulous prize- Thank you so much!

Courtenay de Carcenac – December 2012

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